Building a bike and planning a route

Where to start, so much to do, I want to fly to Ulann Baatar the capital of Mongolia towards the end of August. The bike I have used in the past is not suitable for the rugged terrain, unpaved road and rutted tracks. This will be the first bike tour where the riding will predominantly be off road. You can not undertake a journey of this kind without serious consideration for the equipment that it going to help you explore. The bike I wanted is out of my price range and therefore, building it will be the only option. Also the process of building the bike gives you a great in site on the workings and maintenance whilst on the road. I will explore how I have gone about this in later posts.
The other consideration is the route, so far I haven’t decided on which way to travel. I have a map and the lonely planet guide but this isn’t really enough. I don’t want to over plan the trip but want to have a rough plan and direction so I’m no wondering without and purpose or plan.

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