coast to coast

Coast to coast dealing with failure

It was earlier this year and an opportunity came up with my employer Cycling from the west coast of the UK to the East coast. Being the avid cyclist I jumped at the opportunity,

A charity ride was aiming to raise money for a great cause and a physical test over two days. I felt the first hint of apprehension when we visited the start line the night before the ride. There was a group of cyclists there taking the obligatory Starline picture. I got chatting to one of them and they mentioned they were taking 3 days to complete the journey.

We had 1 and a half days to complete the 140-mile route. I wasn’t overly concerned about the distance but the terrain was going to be a problem. I hadn’t realised at that point just how much of a problem it would be. We started in Whitehaven cycling through the Lake District national park heading for our final destination Tynemouth

I have always been super motivated when it comes to physical challenges, getting to the end and feeling that moment of pure contentment. I had always achieved what I set out to do.

Unfortunately, this was the first time I had experienced disappointment. I knew I could do the distance , sadly our time was cut short. We only had a short amount of time and although we split in to 3 groups and I was in the mid paced group we couldn’t meet the strenuous pace we had to achieve.

To get to the end of the trip the second day was cut short. We loaded our bikes on to the mini bus and had to drive a section of the route. This gave us the opportunity to ride into Tynemouth as a group. Deep down it was tinged with disappointment not cycling the entire distance on my own. 


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