Cycling the South Downs

The South Downs

This weekend me and my good friend Adam took a couple of days out of our fast paced lives to cycle a little of the south downs way, Starting in Brighton we cycles along the coast and spent the night camping near Seven sisters. The night was cold but surprisingly calm considering we were perched on the top of a cliff. The following day we cycles along the coast lifting our bikes over some annoyingly placed fences. That day we made it to Eastbourne and back out toward Brighton  passing through some beautiful quaint villages. We camped up for the night in a forest on a hill, playing with the camera we took some picture of our night time campsite .

Waking early the next day walkers were passing close to our hidden camping spot blissfully unaware of our presence. We carried on following the route passed Ditching Beacon and along to Devils dyke where we concluded our trip.

It was a great two day break away from the world and an adventure right on our doorstep.

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