Lands End to John O’groats Cycle

Lands end to John o’groats

It was the start of my cycling. And not actually out of choice. I had spent the previous three years climbing, after an injury I decided to turn to a sport I had always enjoyed and didn’t involve to much upper body.
This was coupled with the idea of an adventure on a budget. It gave me the idea to cycle lands end to john O’groats it’s a well trodden route but still an imense cycle ride. I had never really cycle any great distance before this. This was going to be many firsts for me. I wasn’t even sure if I was capable of doing 900-1000 miles required to finish in John O’groats.
The idea was stuck in my head, I started to cycle more around Brighton. I invested some money in a brand new touring bike and started to build up mileage each week trying to simulate as best as I could the kind of distances I would be faced with.
My parents were living in a small village near guidlford. It was about 54 miles from Brighton to their house. This was my staple training there and then back. Actually, I couldn’t quite face that to start with. It tended to be there and then the train back. Eventually, after a few months I satrted to cycle there on the Saturday and then back again on the Sunday. I trying to simulate what muti day cycle would be like, and if I could do it. In those early days I did wonder,how was it possible to cycle day after day carrying all the equipment and supplies I required for 14 days. My legs were sore for days after those two day practice rides. I didn’t do this every weekend and generally I was normally cycling 25-30 miles on small excusions out from Brighton. Either to Seven Sisters, Littlehampton or Bolney.

These early steps were tentative I didn’t want to tell too many people about the trip incase I couldn’t make it. What I found is it can be quite difficult to do a two week ride and not let people know. I decided I would also try and raise some money for charity. I felt a little extra pressure to complete the ride. Quite often when I thought I couldn’t go on I would think of those people who had donated money to cancer research.

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