My essential cycle touring kit list

Cycle touring kit list

For several years I have been embarking on cycling adventures. Over time I have forgotten many important items. I’m almost certain that on your own adventures you may well have done the same.

I have put together a list of essential items that I take with me each and every time I go on a cycling trip.

Some of the items may not be applicable for every environment but they serve as a reminder and this will give you that split second to consider if it is something you will need. This process it far better than just completely forgetting an item without any thought or consideration.

The list is not exhaustive and no double I will add to it as other items spring to mind. It will serves as a starting point for useful equipment when you plan your next trip. Some of these items I want to expand on in future posts. Items that you take in a first aid kit or maintenance kit are personal to each traveler but there are some core items we should all be taking with us.

Bike essentials

Cycle helmet
Map & Waterproof Map cover
Cycling gloves
Front / Back lights

Bike reflectors
Dry bags
Bungee cables

Camping equipment

Sleeping bag
Sleeping mat
Silk liner

Maintenance Kit

Puncture repair kit
tire leavers
Multi tool
spare inner tube
spare tire
Gear & brake cable
Duct tape

Cooking equipment

Striker / matches
Pot / pan

Personal Health

First aid kit
Heat reflective blanket
Water purification tablets
Mosquito net
Mosquito repelant
Sun tan cream
travel towel

Wash kit
Wet wipes


Swimming shorts
Cycling shorts
Waterproof Jacket
Waterproof trousers
Cycling overshoes
Base layer
Warm fleece
food / dried meals & cuppa soup



Head torch
Small Solar panel
Universal plug adapter
Compass & GPS



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