One week to go!

Cycling across the South Downs I hear a snap as I loose all power I know exactly what has happened. I can’t help but be slightly nervous about my impending Icelandic adventure and this didn’t do anything to ease my nerves.
The bike is all but finished only needing some minor tweaking but with only a short space of time before I leave there is a real pressure to get out and about and test the machine I have spent so much time on.
Heading in to the centre of Iceland is exciting but the thought of something irreparable happening does play on my mind and whether, if it does, will I be able to fix it!!!
Another ride tomorrow with a repaired chain and a slightly tweaked riding position should give me the confidence to focus on some of the route preparation. I don’t like to plan a route to much just an idea of some places I could visit. Cycling and rigid structure thankfully don’t have to go together, the freedom and flexibility of touring is what gives such a great feeling.

Here is a look at the semi completed bike.

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