Planning for Poland


With the aid of my brother we are planning a bicycle touring trip to Poland. We are looking to start next week and are in the process of finalising our plans. Our route should take us across northern France, Belgium, Holland, Germany and finally into Poland.

I haven’t managed too much training so the first week might be a bit slow. The route from, Dieppe to Poznan is about 850 – 900 miles and should take us anywhere from 14-16 days depending on how many day we take off to sample local culture.

The equipment is in place I spent this weekend checking over the bikes. The only change I will make is to replace the continental tiers on my Ridgeback which have clocked up about 4500 miles and are looking a little worse for wear.

We still need to arrange food and roughly where we will be stopping but other than that we are trying not to over plan the trip.

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