Svalbard Crossing

It’s been some time since the last real adventure I’d taken part in. I have an opportunity for a 9-day crossing of Svalbard. An endurance challenges really motivate me, pushing mind, body and pushing harder than you thought you could. I do have a few reservations about the trip.

The first of my reservations is i’m not great at skiing , well, at least I’m not as proficient as I need to be for a long trip like this. I have several months to gain some basic skills, however, t’s more complicated, I’m due to leave in April 2020 but I hurt my knee two months ago and it’s not better. I’m training doing low impact cardio, I need to push my body harder in order to be prepared for the challenges that this 14-day adventure is going to place on my body.

Update on trip preparation.

Due to covid the trips to Svalbard has been cancelled. It was disappointing but like many holidays and plans the trips could not go ahead. One day I would like to head to Svalbard and complete the crossing I was due to in 2020.

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