The death of Ueli Steck

It’s a tragedy to hear of the passing of Ueli Steck at the age of 41. The Swiss mountaineer died whilst climbing near Everest. The specific details of how Ueli Steck died are not yet known but he died whilst train for his Everest-Lhotse project. A statement released on Ueli Steck’s website confirms his death.

It’s surprising to hear of such a death by a man who seemed invincible while he climbed. Man of us including myself was used to seeing him soloing up great routes in the alps.

Watching him climb up so many classic routes at such great speeds he really put had to be precise with every foot placement and Ice axe strike.

I wonder if we will ever know what happened to him as he was climbing on his own like so many times before. There climbing one minute, and the next gone. The pursuit of this high-risk sport undoubtedly leaves very little margin for error. He was a supremely skilled Alpanist capable of incredible feats of endurance but sadly he met a human death. It reminds us all that when we are out pushing our own boundaries that one mistake can lead to irreversible consequences .

At high altitude your body become tired faster due to the lack of oxygen. This lack of oxygen can make mistakes happen that otherwise wouldn’t.

Below you Can see Ueli’s Video about the project he was trying to undertake. The last few sentences when he discusses failure sadly resonate on this tragic day.

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